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Copyright - Statement of Intellectual Rights

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Some content is provided by arrangment with contracted authors. Those authors retain their individual rights to videos, still photos, audio recordings and text, but this does not abbrogate the publishers claim to 'first rights'.

Compensation Policy

Essentially, all of the drivers mentioned within this site have granted permission to use their images and personal data without compensation by virtue of their registration with the various track Promoters. The Promoters extend that permission to the Publisher as part of its function to promote racing at their facility. This includes the use of action photos when creating graphics and edited video that may be offered for sale in various forms.

The publisher may provide reprint rights to other publications, or provide original materials to other publishers. This is also covered under the original rights waived by the driver/participant. This means you may not make demand for compensation for any still photo, video, graphic, or original story if the publisher so chooses to publish in media other than this web site.

Content Holds Entertainment Value ONLY

Two distinct classes of service are offered to the users by the Publisher; Free audio and video feeds, and video feeds that may be purchsed for a small fee. All classes are considered entertainment and hold no monetary value beyond that of the fee paid by the viewer/user. The Publisher is only providing a service, and holds no responsiblity for the content or the perceived quality of the audio or video feeds.

The Publisher is not responsible for the activities of participants at the various venues. Harsh language, inappropriate behavior, and violent accidents resulting in death or serious injury may be part of any live or recorded event.

Refunds Policy - The Publisher takes appropriate precautions to ensure the outgoing signal is of sufficient quality to enjoy the content. This does not guarantee that the equipment employed by the viewer is capable of adequate inbound data rates. Dial up customers may be able to receive the audio reasonably well, but be unable to display a video signal. If you cannot view the '24/7' free video then it is doubtful that you should attempt to purchase a live event or archived full resoultion feed. NO REFUNDS will be given under this circumstance.